6- Plan/Prep participants and method of choice

Unmet needs & opportunities
6 – Enable
Execution of procurement plan & agreement

To enable the upcoming procurement a method to address the common unmet need is chosen. The partners then creates a common documentation and project plan for the coming procurement. After this final step in the PiPPi process the confirmed and dedicated partners will also have agreed to a shared risk and effort investment.



  • Playing to win

Project description

  • Business case
  • Project team
  • Change management


  • Strategy template

Project description

  • Business case template
  • Project team template
  • Change management template
  • Implementation management


  • Consortium contract template​
  • PIN template​
  • Joint procurement agreement template


Project preparations and plan including

  • Requirement documentation
  • Business model
  • Business case
  • Project plan


  • Resource agreement
  • Financial agreement
  • Consortium agreement

Sign Off Clinicians & Manager to conduct procurement

  • Innovation leader/manager
  • Legal support
  • Procurement specialist
  • Project leader
  • Clinical lead
  • Technical specialists/medical technology
  • Management

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