PiPPi Community of Practice – an arena for joint innovation in healthcare

Do you see challenges in your daily healthcare environment that would benefit from innovative digital health and care services? We do. Therefore, we have created a community of practice where we can work together. We share and collaborate around common unmet healthcare needs, and prepare for execution of the most innovative solutions through the most relevant procurement of innovation. This collaboration gives you a good foundation to push development, contributing with your expertise and experience. This community of practice was initiated by seven major European university hospital, a research institute and a public agency with the goal to enable including and open collaboration. We welcome all stakeholders in healthcare – patients, healthcare providers, industry and research representatives, payers and policy makers. To join join us and enter the PiPPi platform, go to Share & Innovate

What is PiPPi?
PiPPi is a healthcare-focused interdisciplinary community

Why use PiPPi?
PiPPi provides a platform to voice and receive input on your unmet needs, as well as to share your knowledge, experiences and novel ideas

Join the PiPPi Platform

Are you interested in joining our community of practice? We welcome everybody with an interest in identifying unmet needs, challenges and opportunities in healthcare, with a focus on preparing for innovation of digital health and care services. Read more

Photo of Jenny C.
Why I joined PiPPi as a patient representative

“For any true transformational change of healthcare, patients must be listened to fully as equal stakeholders.” Jenny is one of the patient representatives contributing to the creation of the PiPPi Community of Practice.

“As a university hospital, our role is to be a driver of innovation. Together with other relevant stakeholders we can pave the way for development of new solutions to meet current and future needs of our patients.”

David Konrad has experience of joint innovation and procurement in his role as Managing Director of Perioperative Medicine and Intensive Care at Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden. He presents his view on the benefits and obstacles in a video from the pre-launch of the PiPPi Community of Practice.