Community of Practice

We gather to share, learn and enable innovation in healthcare

Communities of practice refers to groups of people who share a concern or a passion for a topic, a craft, and/or a profession (Wenger 1998, 2006). These individuals deepen their knowledge and expertise through regular interaction with each other (Wenger 2006; Wenger et al. 2002).

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The unmet needs in healthcare respond to the global issues across every health system. PiPPi Community of Practice aims to map the entire spectrum of unmet needs, taking into account different variables that could help visualize the impact, the places, the common ground beyond cross-country barriers. The recurrent challenges may be brought up by the experience from different stakeholders, from different geographies, and different perspectives. 

PiPPi provides an open innovation environment, a multi-professional community of practice for all actors who are interested in addressing the challenges of healthcare.

PIPPI CoP stakeholder mapping and customer segments description

An interactive network for trouble shooting across a variety of healthcare related needs

The PiPPi Community of Practice implies the funnel of knowledge into a value creation that feeds from the active members of the community, as well as from the validating efforts to categorize unmet needs from other members. We, therefore, need to be able to picture these unmet needs from different perspectives, so our task as a community is to broaden the aspects and visions that may represent the heterogeneity of our society and the multidimensional ways to analyze the unmet needs. Understanding this process is important when using the conclusions collected. 

The PiPPi platform is the place where some of the interactions happen from developing a challenge in a collaborative way to providing value to its Community of Practice members. The platform is the place where the exclusive internal tasks may undergo in a co-creation collaborative effort, and the platform will support the activities within the different steps of Community of Practice as shown in the figure below.

The main process for the PiPPi Community of Practice

Activities step by step