Project Deliverables

This section contains further information about the results of the PiPPi project in the form of project deliverables. Note that this list currently provides the public deliverables already accepted by the European Commission.

Click on the deliverable number to open the document. If you are interested in learning more about any specific deliverable, please contact us.

D1.1Report from Kick-off meeting
D1.2Project handbook/ management structure
D1.3Project summary report 1
D1.4Project summary report 2
D1.5Project summary report 3
D1.6Project summary report 4
D1.7Project summary report 5
D1.9Data Management plan
D2.1Report on stakeholder identities and role
D2.4Report on the procedures and criteria that will be used to identify/ recruit patient stakeholders
D3.1Reports on the consultations
D4.1Report on lessons-learned
D4.2Report on the PIPPI platform system requirement
D4.3Instruction/ manual on platform use
D5.1An identified digital challenge
D5.3A project plan for a cross-border PCP or PPI
D5.4A core set of outcome indicators
D6.3Operating model proposal
D6.6Report 1 from workshops
D6.7Report 2 from workshops
D7.1Dissemination progress report 1
D7.2Dissemination progress report 2
D7.3Dissemination progress report 3
D7.5Final dissemination and communication plan
D7.6Scientific publication 1
D7.7Scientific publication 2
D7.9Press release 1
D7.10Press release 2
D7.11Press release 3
D7.12Press release 4