Code of conduct

Each member and institution should keep in mind the following principles TFEU and public procurement principles:

  • Transparency: all the information on the public procurement process must be made available to all public procurement stakeholders.
  • Equal treatment and non discrimination: all suppliers/service providers should be subject to the same conditions (comparable situations are not treated differently and that different situations are not treated similarly unless such a difference or similarity in treatment can be justified objectively) and no discriminated on the grounds of nationality under the TFEU.
  • Mutual recognition: reports and certificates issued by the authorities of any member state shall also be valid in all other EU and EEA states.
  • Open Competition: public procurement requirements should be open to all qualified organizations and individuals. Any procurement practices that prevent, restrict or distort this competition and any subsequent PPI shall be avoided.
  • Proportionality: requirements and conditions in the procurement should be reasonable in proportion to the object of procurement. Measures taken by the contracting authority may not go beyond what is necessary for the procurement in question.
  • Sound financial management: contracts will be designed, awarded and monitored in line with the principles of economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

PiPPi CoP industry members adhere to Medtech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice and Cocir Code of Conduct.