1- Gather and share challenge

1. Gather and Share of Unmet need journey

Continuous sharing of identified problems and opportunities

1. Gather and share challenge

Continuous sharing of identified problems and opportunities

At this step you will  describe and share your challenge as well as view the challenges and opportunities posted by others. In this chapter templates and checklists are provided to document your local challenge in a format that can be shared with the PiPPi CoP. Once this step is completed you will have  gained a better understanding of your and other’s challenges. You will also have built your own and other’s knowledge/awareness of current challenges and opportunities.


Connecting challenges

  • One pager
  • Assessment template
  • Mission/Business Model Canvas​

Local challenge formulation

  • Stakeholder description
  • Value description
  • Patient/user/customer journey description


Connecting challenges

  • Management to local challenge formulation
  • Innovation leader

Local challenge formulation

  • Innovation manager
  • Service designer
  • Relevant clinicians
  • Other local stakeholders such as patients

Methods & Tools

Local challenge formulation using: 

  • One-pager, challenge description​

Service Design Thinking

  • Mission/Business Model Canvas​
  • Challenge Assessment​
  • Job to be done

Connecting challenges:

  • Technical platform​
  • The above input​

(Back office)

  • Clustering​
  • Matching

PiPPi One pager template

The PiPPi one pager will help you get started with your challenge description.

Challenge assesment template

The PiPPi challenge assesment template enables you to check the readiness of your challenge.

Mission / Business Model Canvas

The PiPPi Mission / Business Model Canvas template enables you to start planning a business model.

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