2- Challenge alignment

Unmet needs & opportunities
2- User & stakeholder demand
Challenge alignment: User and stakeholder demand

Relevant challenges and opportunities can then connect to investigate if there is a shared unmet need. Using the material created this far and the templates in this chapter you can share input, discuss with and learn from other stakeholders. Having completed this step you should have a better understanding of your and other’s unmet needs and root causes. With this increased understanding of the unmet need, an area of a common unmet need can be identified. You can then address this area together with joint forces in terms of resources, knowledge and effort.

Methods & Tools


  • Playing to win

  • Beneficiary/end user segmentation map
  • Personas
  • Journey map
  • Value map
  • System map



  • Strategy description

Local challenge formulation

  • Stakeholder description
  • Value description
  • Journey description

Connecting challenges

  • Curator
  • Innovation leader

Local challenge formulation

  • Innovation manager
  • Service designer
  • Relevant clinicians
  • Other local stakeholders such as patients

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