How to get started – 3 steps into the PiPPi joint innovation platform
This webinar guides you in defining a common healthcare innovation challenge on the PiPPi platform, triggered by a European call for proposals. You will be introduced in the 99 Days Unmet Need Journey, driving the challenge towards a commonly defined plan through 3 phases.

– Welcome, by Martina Ahlberg, coordinator of the PiPPi-project
– Defining a challenge on the PiPPi-platform, by Olman Elizondo Cordero:
– Operational elements of the CoP
– Presenting the Operating team
– Brief Charter overview
– The PiPPi Unmet Need Journey
– Let’s get it on: Operational PiPPi:
   ◦  PiSpaM: an opportunnity to reduce the risk of learning how to participate in a EU funded PCP/PPI project.
   ◦  The Unmet Need Journey in PiSpaM
   ◦  3 steps to start using PiPPi






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