4- Demand identification

Unmet needs & opportunities
4 – Demand identification
Demand identification

Having defined a focus area to address collectively, the common need of the dedicated partners/collaborators is identified. Here the interaction with other stakeholders increase to deepen and detail the understanding of crucial components. This chapter includes templates to investigate the boundary conditions of the challenge. By completing this step you will have gained an even deeper understanding of your and other’s unmet needs. You will also provide value to these unmet needs and learnings from best practises. The quality is ensured by utilizing competencies from a multi-functional stakeholder perspective. Within the CoP resources are shared and knowledge is built.



  • Playing to win

Service Design Thinking (Discovery/Research Phase)


  • Service processes and experiences
  • Physical objects and environments
  • Digital artefacts and software


  • Strategy charter


  • Patient/user/customer journey description
  • Personas
  • Journey map
  • Value map
  • System map
  • Requirement tools


  • Desktop walkthrough
  • Cardboard prototyping
  • Rehearsing digital services, interactive click modeling
  • Mission/ Business model canvas



  • Updated strategy description

Results from activities

  • Need description
  • Beneficiary and end user description
  • Further refined personas description
  • Further refined journey description
  • Further refined value description
  • Further refined system description
  • Refined outcome indicators
  • Outcome of the prior art analysis and an IPR search
  • Business model description
  • Requirement description

Updated one pager

  • Summary of all findings YTD

Sign Off Clinicians & Manager for committing to next step

  • Relevant clinicians, Patience or Patience representatives
  • Relevant: technological industry and scientific expertise
  • Policymakers
  • Management
  • Payers
  • Innovation leader/manager
  • Service designer
  • Informatics specialist
  • Legal & Regulatory support
  • Procurement support

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