5- Demand definition

Unmet needs & opportunities
5 – Demand definition

At this step the interaction among the partners joined around the chosen unmet need continues by engaging, discussing, sharing and viewing. The final common scope is then determined and common documentation is created. This step is finalized once there is a confirmed and detailed unmet need description and the dedication of partners and collaborators is confirmed. 



  • Playing to win

Service Design Thinking

  • Last update and possible review of used tools and methods to conclude an narrow down the scope.​


  • Service processes and experiences
  • Physical objects and environments
  • Digital artefacts and software


  • Strategy charter

Service Design Thinking

  • Tools from step 2, 3 and 4


  • Desktop walkthrough
  • Cardboard prototyping
  • Rehearsing digital services, interactive click modeling
  • Mission/ Business model canvas



  • Updated strategy description

Results from activities

  • Final unmet needs description
  • Functional description
  • Technical boundary description
  • Legal boundary description
  • Business model canvas
  • IPR description
  • Outcome indicators

One pager

  • Summary of all findings YTD

Sign Off Clinicians & Manager for committing to next step

  • Innovation leader/manager
  • Service designer
  • Relevant clinician
  • Legal support
  • Procurement support
  • Technical specialist/medical technology
    • IT
    • Management
    • Informatics
    • Systems
    • Relevant Clinicians, Patience or Patience representatives 

 Market & research interaction

  • Open market consultation with open hearing & dialogue​
  • Freedom to Operate & Market assessment​

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