The PiPPi Unmet Need Journey

You start with a need, a pain that you identify from your daily practice, or from your personal experience, as a patient, or a citizen, and you enter it into the PiPPi process, where after six steps, a lot of effort and work in a collaboartive effort, to end up with at the end of this journey with a project plan for a PCP/PPI.

The PiPPi unmet need journey is the path towards collaboratively working an unmet need that comes from the demand side. You, as a citizen, patient or health (or social) care professional, may be aware of something that’s not working quite the way it is supposed to. Somehow you feel the pain and think that there is something we are not quite doing right. This is the place for you!

The tools and methodologies at each step of the unmet need journey will help you characterize the unmet need properly and share your challenges with the rest of the community in order to find common understanding with other people that might have encounter a similar situation within their local context.

The goal is to co-create collaboratively the unmet needs from the health systems to reach a solution provided by the industry through the adoption of procurement of innovation.

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